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You must be at least 18 years old to play here. Your boss Mira japznese really friendly and helps you to feel good at your eten job. Combination of popular game with billiard. World of Starcraft confirmed PogChamp [ Cutscenes mebe? That freezing D: Reminds me of playing on gils laptop LUL [ RIP [ Rekts [ Eversorwowdeetree, itmejpSOUL [ F [ Wow you die japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny respawn at the location [ Itmejp, you get something if order online using your amazon link right?

Does it have to be any minimum amount or can it mzansi sugar mama pussy picture be whatever I need?

WoW has now been optimized for only s [ Turn down AA [ Shadows [ No fuck you dodge those bolts in half the framerate dipshit [ SSAA 4x is causing it [ JP it's probably View Distance? It's cinematic Kappa [ Blizzard games don't optimize well lol [ Shadow used to really screw with FPS. Dunno if it still does.

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Blizzard games run on Potatos This is beta: Blizzard games optimize fine. The hell you guys on? Dhalgrim Overwatch gave me some random ass dips too [ Overwatch optimizes pretty damn well imo [ Night guys check y'all [ I played 1st-person, gidls for a bit. Was actually a lot of fun: K2i3n4g5 hm japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny actually the first blizz game i didn't get microstutter.

Oh hey, Gelbin is there too! Stop running everywhere. Last time I truly enjoyed wow was girld with one of the lore masters explaining everything. Was fucking japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny. Diablo 3 optimization WutFace [ Stripping subscribed for 19 months in a row!

I thought you were waiting for launch Young teen girls [ I thought this was supposed to be a 20m scenario.

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I love the new name plates [ That side strafing lmao [ Go through this and you can get stareted [ huge tits getting really horny breast expansion You'll get it as soon mmorpg adults game you finish the Initial story stuff [ japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny After this intro sequence you immediately go into the artifact weapon chain [ japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny Itmejp, how are things looking with the new "Swan Song" cast member?

Man, I was planning to get back into Japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny after skipping stfippiny but watching this it seems like it's not worth the money or time [ Surprise [ Dalaran is over the new continent [ The Kirin Tor are japaneee fight off the Legion [ Shattra was the worst city ever. Its kind of the same Dalaran but in a different place now [ Dalaran and Argus fly over [ Itmejp, Dalaran is a city again cause they moved it again [ Bro, do you even flying city?

Wait Dalaran?! I remember when Archimonde bollywood nude gif images that sand castle.

Wrath dalaran pjcs Legion Dalaran [ Well technically Dalaran flew to Northrend first hah: Strafing tanks. Shatt was just big [ Balanar the Nightstalker!?!?

I prefer portting people to ancient dalaran Kappa [ In before MalGanis [ JP you have to think of this expansion as years after Wrath. So strippinh though you can go to Dal in Crystaksong, in the story of this next expansion, it's in Broken Isles now [ They used demon name generator rather strippjny just call them Feldemon it seems [ I firls Shat too.

Could waltz on over to opposide side's Q spot and see who was q'ing for BGs and stuf flol [ How long you been playing wow?

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Japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny, the mages teleport in Dalaran and the Deathknights fly Archerus over [ Sh4nti, no they didnt, you can disply both if you want [ Beam us up! JP dont know yet, does he? Tirion git gud pls ResidentSleeper [ Tirion acquire more skill [ Neon green doom and gloom. Remember how horrifically awful launch was? I kinda jappanese the meltdown that was lauch [ Is JP playing Horde or Alliance right now?

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Squishei subscribed for 2 months in a row! GhettoJohto, Alliance [ Sylvanas x Varian OTP japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny Man the voice acting is top notch [ It's a trap! Thanks, yeah he's in for a ride [ Did they just fucking kill Tirion!? Looks it's Archimonde! Wait [ What the FUCK [ He can swin. He's find boys! Holy shit [ Was totally waiting for that reaction [ straight shota incest Death to humans!

Yup [ Welcome to Beta Boys Kappa [ This expansion is hapanese killing everyone.

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Spoilers nooooo [ See ya Tirion, I never liked you anyway japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny He actually shows up japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny the retribution artifact quest line [ Perma dead now [ Too hell with that, they can't kill Tirion itmejpS [ Ebon Blade raises him as a death Knight [ OH its gets better JP [ LOL tirion was weak sauce [ Its cool, just rez him afterwards [ More dps [ Guy who kills the Lich King, killed without a cutscene.

So sad. More DOTS [ Good morning JP and chat itmejpHI [ You should have made a sandwich for this fight. They pull a Hamuul with Tirion? Talfereg ikr? Moar Deeps! SwiftRage [ Well they were trying to pull some Japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny stuff in WoD too [ This game look soooo awesome. I would totally be hella excited to play this in about [ Derweil gul'dan killed him lol [ The PJSalt is real in Chat: That's pretty cool [ Alliance wants that demon booty [ SaltyCorn [ Whats your ilvl?

Dynamic Rep Grinds [ HAhaha' [ Suck his dick! The light!!!! Hunter going to die [ Itmejp, I was catching up on Balance of power. You are a sick motherfucker [ Pull your weight, healers itmejpSOUL [ Well met! It's always the priests fault Kappa [ Shit preist, why u let me fall in the green lava Kappa [ JP is much better at first person shooters than he is at WoW [ Hunter down [ very young celeb olsen sisters xxx porn Brayburn32 subscribed for 16 months in a row!

What a big surprise! Gamon should be the fourth horseman [ BringBackVanilla [ Reg itmejpTIP [ Thats the new Hunter Stampede [ I couldnt stand that copious amount of buttons WoW had [ Fel Furries [ BM hunter summons a lot of animals now to attack [ Druids man [ Looks so nice [ Amy x sonic.exe porn silly [ Where's starfall when you need it [ To be fair most specs in TBC etc.

OverRustle Logs

Steakbaby, yeah but then they went through and removed loads of skills from every class which dumbed it down [ This part is awesome [ Jaina is totally a Fel Lord Goblin LUL [ Yeah Highschool dxd comic porn [ JP pls [ Jaina struppiny Mal'Ganis all along! Akabuu, U jelly? Jaina's a Dreadlord [ Oh snap [ Hard G there [ I never played WoW for a complicated rpg [ Fps slayer [ Give me back my Fps you japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny fiend!

Goblin King? RIP Bowie [ SarJERas [ Do you mean David Bowie JP? Oh fuuuck [ Bring me the goblin king?

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Are we in the twisting nether? Yeah i just wanna play WC3 lol [ Sargeras gonna be the Mantis fight of WoW?

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ThunBeast [ Oh shit, it's the named demons D: Remember when wep ben 10/pornoapk used to Macro their entire rotations?

And it used to be the most optimal way to play? Steakbaby, eh but the option to do it or not was there. There was a lot of unique things you could do especially in pvp which turned into just cookie cutter rotations [ The Burning Legion ainy playing aorund [ BOOOO [ LMAO [ Sttippiny [ Booo [ japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny Rad finale scene!

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LUL so Rad: Blizzard Troll'd ya [ I japanese girls teen sex pics strippiny playing WOW [ No cinematics until live. What's your ilvl? JP doesnt know yet [ WoW is for streamers these days Eredar lord of the burning legion [ Eww Alliance DansGame [ I miss enjoying wow. Not sure if it's japanse fault or wow's [ FFXIV fits that niche for me right now [ Alliance though

News:[ UTC] radiag: blizz games run on everything but not good .. now [ UTC] trollex fuck tirion i never liked him Kappa itmejpHERO [ UTC] velxir: Man I am talking to this girl on dk in legion [ UTC] originalname2: the short videos that.

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