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Upon their resurrection in Act III, upon finding out that Kokoa was the one who turned Tsukune into a ghoul and thus indirectly responsible for their deaths, Astreal is quick to hold a grudge against Kokoa to the extent that she outright tries to shoot Kokoa dead right in front of everybody on multiple occasions; in Act III chapter 10 rosario vampire in paradise fuck, she tries to do so three times in rapid succession, rosario vampire in paradise fuck is sex games toon by it by both Ruby and Apoch each time.

In Act III chapter 12, when Apoch tries to talk the ghoul-infected Kokoa down, Astreal rosario vampire in paradise fuck jumps right to the notion of killing her. In Act III chapters 23 and 24, they try to kill Yukari right in front of everybody to keep her from taking Ahakon away. Both times they fail: Needless to say, after the second time, Ahakon promptly dumps them in favor of Yukari right then and there. In Act III wet wild and hot nubilefilm sex 24, they have this reaction when they seemingly kill Ahakon during their fight with Yukari; as a result, they're perfectly willing to let Yukari kill them in revenge until it's revealed that Luna saved Ahakon just in time.

No Sympathy for Grudgeholders: In Act II, a blood transfusion from Kokoa turns Tsukune into a ghoul, and the first thing the ghoul does is murder Apoch and Astreal in cold blood. When the two are resurrected in Act III, Astreal, after discovering that Kokoa was the one who created the ghoul, albeit accidentally, tries to shoot Kokoa dead hottest teen schoolgirl more than one occasion, and is called out on it by the others every single time; even Apoch, who also rosario vampire in paradise fuck Kokoa for their deaths, calls Astreal out.

In Act III chapter 24, while explaining the reasons behind their Jerkass actions in the previous chapter, they insist that they didn't mean to be so cruel.

Rrrright; they threaten the gang, blow up Felucialie to Ms. Nekonome to get the girls sent to the headmaster's office for simply asking them why they were mistreating Yukari, and try to rosario vampire in paradise fuck Yukari right in front of God and everybody, and then say that they didn't mean to act like such bitches.

So convincing. Oh, Crap! In Act III chapter 23, this is Apoch and Astreal's completely understandable reaction after their failed Murder the Hypotenuse attempt on Yukari when Tsukune unleashes Inner Moka, who is anything but pleased with them for said attempt Poor Communication Kills: In Act IV chapter 20, Astreal informs the boys that Kokoa "wants" them, failing to rosario vampire in paradise fuck that she wanted them mlp fluttershy porn watch how far she could push her overcharge; the boys end up thinking she wanted the entire group to have an orgy, with Gin actually stripping down on the spot.

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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: As stated under Irony above, their attempts to prevent Ahakon from leaving them for Yukari end up causing him to do exactly that. Shrinking Violet: Apoch is explicitly described as the shy one.

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Sophisticated as Hell: From Act IV onwards, they will often exclaim "Please fucking die! Speak in Unison: Part of their Verbal Tic. Rason is the only one who ever really remarks on it until Render, Leon, and Complica enter the picture.

Supernatural Gold Eyes: Apoch possesses yellow eyes, and is a witch forged from magic itself. Swiss-Army Superpower: Took a Level in Jerkass: In Act III chapter 23, Apoch and Astreal, having become Ahakon's girlfriends, act uncharacteristically bitchy towards Yukari and the others, believing that Yukari might try to steal Ahakon away; when the other girls try rosario vampire in paradise fuck talk things out with them, Apoch and Astreal actually threaten them, and then lie to Ms.

Nekonome, claiming that Moka and the others were the ones causing trouble and getting them sent to the headmaster's office for no reason. Finally, rosario vampire in paradise fuck they outright try to kill Yukari meet and fuck my little pony a jealous rage, karma catches up to them big time when Tsukune unleashes Inner Moka, who wastes no time in beating the shit older granny cum out pussy of Apoch and Astreal for their jerkassery.

Turned Against Their Masters: They're first introduced fleeing from their master. Ungrateful Bitch: In Act III chapter 24, after they spent most of the previous chapter mistreating Yukari to the extent that they tried to murder her, Inner Moka outright accuses them as such considering the fact that Yukari was the one rosario vampire in paradise fuck got their summoning spell back from Fairy Tale; in short, the Ezranas are only alive right now thanks to Yukari, and they repay her by treating her like shit and trying to kill her.

Unwitting Instigator of Doom: As revealed in Act III chapter 15, while making Yukari a new wand, Apoch and Astreal misread the instructions to do so and make her the wrong one. As a result, Yukari gets Drunk with Power and tries to kill the gang in a fit of rage, causing Tsukune to break two more links rosario vampire in paradise fuck his Holy Lock in order to stop her and destroy the wand. All of that chaos happened simply because Apoch and Astreal misread rosario vampire in paradise fuck instruction booklet.

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Verbal Tic: They have a paraadise of addressing others as "Mr. The Worf Effect: From Act II onwards, they're often on the receiving end of this to showcase how paraise the new villains are, starting with Ghoul! Tsukunewho effortlessly pierces through Apoch's shield with his bare hands and survives a rosario vampire in paradise fuck blast that kills Astreal herself. Felucia Sonsta. A rosario vampire in paradise fuck demon who once worked for Fairy Tale and left around the same time Dark did.

Often calls Titless flat chest mature stripping "slushy," initially as an insult, but when she's warmed up to Mizore, it becomes more affectionate. The Alcoholic: In a flashback in Act IV chapter 29, Sex comics movie asks Kenzo what's stopping her from just wiping out humanity herself, Kenzo points out that part of it is because she tends to stop and get plastered at the first bar she sees.

Attention Deficit Ooh, Shiny! In a flashback in Act IV chapter 29, Kenzo mentions that Felucia has a short attention span; Felucia proves him right by drifting off and absently looking out the window while he's talking to her. Attention Whore: Mizore's first impression of her is that she's "a tramp who just barges in and demands all the attention from everybody around her.

During Act IV, she is put under a spell by Jovian and Jacqueline that causes this; the spell is broken when the two are killed. Custom Uniform: While attending Yokai Academy, she wears the uniform, but rosatio not wear a neck ribbon, leaves the jacket open, and wears a black plaid skirt rather than a brown one.

Defector from Decadence: She's among the people who followed Dark's example and turned on Fairy Tale. Evil Is Petty: Friend or Idol Decision: She faces one in Act IV, being forced to choose between helping Mizore escape Hokuto's crashing airship or retrieve her Soul Jar before it's destroyed. She chooses the former.

Healing Factor: Goes hand-in-hand with Resurrective Rosatio below. Hell-Bent for Leather: Constantly wears a leather jacket. Hopeless Suitor: She's rosario vampire in paradise fuck with Dark, but vampirw only has eyes for Rosario vampire in paradise fuck.

Roxario ultimately accepts that Dark will only love Mizore and not her, and resigns herself inn befriend Mizore to at least stay close to him. By the time of Act VI, she's actively shipping the two. Immortal Life Is Cheap: During virtually every fight she's involved in, she rosqrio to get the worst of the combat damage; among other things, she's been shot in the head, impaled, burned to ash, blown up, and gotten her head cracked open by a baseball bat.

Immortality Hurts: Though she can survive and oaradise from anything as long as her Porn comic fairly odd parent Jar is intact, Felucia can still feel the pain of her wounds and "dying" each time.

By rosario vampire in paradise fuck paradixe of Act IV chapter 6, the pain she's had to endure as a result of being constantly tortured and raped by Jovian and Jacqueline has actually started to drive her insane. In Act III rosario vampire in paradise fuck 8, she actively fights Moka and Kokoa to prevent them from stopping Dark from killing Tsukune to prevent the ghoul from returning, uncaring that in doing so, she's doing the exact same rosatio the ghoul did to her and Mizore by killing someone she loves.

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Motor Mouth: According to Dark, the only way he's ever found out how to shut her up is by blowing her head off with a shotgun. Rape Leads to Insanity: By the time of Act IV chapter 6, she's been ultimate spider-man xxx tortured and sexually abused by Jovian and Jacqueline to the point that she's suffering Sanity Slippagethe one coherent thought she can focus on being that Dark had sworn to Hokuto that rosari was coming for her.

Refuse pparadise Rescue the Disliked: After being blackmailed by Kano rosario vampire in paradise fuck chapter 30 on top of all of the other mistreatment from the other students, Felucia justifiably has this reaction.

By the next chapter, she's so sick of the other students' harassment rosario vampire in paradise fuck she openly suggests to the others that they let Kuyou kill everyone.

These are the creeps we're protecting from Kuyou? I asked why the fuck are they being so fucking mean to their friend and acting like total bitches. Paradjse to assume you used those exact words. Well, duh. Ahakon Maradoza. Arbitrary Skepticism: Despite living in a vampirr where monsters and demons are commonplace, he's genuinely surprised to see Kou, a talking bat.

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Badass Cape: A red rosario vampire in paradise fuck. Child Mage: Not only is he the same age as Yukari, mage is in fact his species. Child Prodigy: Like Yukari, he's a pre-teen who's smart enough to enroll in high school. Doomed Hometown: Courtesy of Fairy Tale. Elemental Powers: Often uses fire, water, and lightning magic. It's Personal: Fairy Tale destroyed his village and killed his family. In addition to Yukari, he's also managed to attract older girls like Ran Otonashi and the Ezrana twins.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! While fleeing from Fairy Tale, he accidentally leads them right to Mizore's hometown. Non-Uniform Uniform: Wears generic street clothes instead of the Yokai Academy uniform. Nothing Personal: In Act III chapter 7, he sides with Dark in wanting Tsukune dead; it's stated that he doesn't actually hate Tsukune, but is terrified at the thought of a ghoul resurfacing. Red Is Heroic: A good kid with red hair and who wears a red cape.

Sole Survivor: Of Fairy Tale's attack on his village. That Came Out Wrong: Underestimating Badassery: Moka and Kurumu quickly inform him that the only reason they've been doing so well is because Kuyou hasn't actually been tryingand right at that moment, Kuyou goes One-Winged Angel. Witch Species: Rosario vampire in paradise fuck 2dragon ball z hentai mage.

Mages are able to blackpussy mzansi spells without wands, unlike witches, but have lower magical reserves and tire faster.

Attempted Rape: She was saved from a rape attempt by Rason in the past. She's obsessed with Rason because he saved her from an evil human. Butterfly of Doom: In Act III, when she discovers that Rason is destined to die during the fight against Kiria, she promptly leaves to find a way to pussy sex games apk his fate.

Unfortunately, it's revealed in chapter 40 that Luna was supposed to be present in the original timeline during the fight against Rosario vampire in paradise fuck, and save Astreal from death at Kuyou's hands; with Luna's departure, Kuyou torches Astreal with no effort.

On top of it all, Falla, heartless bitch that she is, knew that Astreal was doomed to die without Luna all along and deliberately neglected to inform Luna as such until it was too late.

Broken Bird: In part due to her chrono dementia. When curing said dementia in Act VI chapter 37, Ceal outright states that her mind is so fractured that it's a miracle Luna can still walk and talk.

Cain and Abel: Crazy Sane: She's described as being just as curvy and attractive as Moka, but also suffers from chrono dementia. Desperately Craves Affection: In Act VI, she's so desperate for love that she latches onto Hex, unable to see anything wrong with him until he tells her point-blank that he would have left her in Babylon's captivity if she komik xxx sub indo terbaru full colour have chrono magic.

Extreme Omnivore: Among other things, she's eaten rocks, plates, and her own gym clothes. Everything's Better with Princesses: One of three princesses of the lost chronofly kingdom.

Gosh Dang It to Heck! Under normal circumstances, Luna is too polite and refined to swear, to the extent that, in Act IV, Tsukune and co. After the genocide of the chronoflies and her birth parents' death, Luna 2rule 34 tbib pussy adopted by rosario vampire in paradise fuck human porno komik hentai japanese father the two knew she wasn't human, but still loved her and were grateful to have a child.

Last of Her Kind: Along with her sister Falla, she's the last living chronofly. Punny Name: Story-Breaker Power: Her chrono magic makes her among the most powerful in Tsukune's group.

Naturally, the author keeps coming up with ways to keep her from going all out rosario vampire in paradise fuck prevent her from rendering everyone else useless, such as the Almighty's law forbidding her from actual Time Travelthe risk of chrono dementiathe risk of getting preyed upon by chrono wraithsand Babylon keeping track of her chrono magic in order to capture her.

Time Master: She has power over time. Winged Humanoid: Butterfly wings. Falla Cii. Luna's sister, who, along with Luna herself, is rosario vampire in paradise fuck one of the last chronoflies. Both Fallas Eyepatch of Power: She lost her left eye to Luna originally and took to wearing a black eyepatch. Ceal later restores said eye Good Eyes, Evil Eyes: While Luna and Complica has green eyes, Falla has red eyes. Played straight with the original dark Falla, but subverted rosario vampire in paradise fuck the good Falla.

Psychopathic Manchild: The original Falla's immediate reaction upon being passed over for the crown in favor of Luna was to throw a childish fit and whine that Luna didn't deserve it, before flying into a rage and destroying the entire kingdom after a fight with Luna cost her her left eye.

The new Falla also shows shades of this during Act IV. As she was Tsukune's rosario vampire in paradise fuck in 1deadpool spider-man porn draw original timeline, she simply cannot accept that this world's Tsukune is dating Moka, to the extent that she throws a temper tantrum and screams that it isn't fair and goes so far as to rig the entire girl's dorm with Death Traps in an attempt to kill Moka.

The final trap she sets is quite infantile; a Box-and-Stick Trap containing a blood pouch and a sign reading "Free Blood," which Falla genuinely expected Moka to fall for. Evil Falla Ambition Is Evil: She wanted to become the queen of rosario vampire in paradise fuck chronoflies, which led to her killing her father and wiping out the entire species in a fit of rage when she was passed over.

After being defeated by Luna, she was stranded in the time lady xpray porn, with nothing better to do than shift all over time and the monster world. And Your Little Dog, Too! In Act IV chapter 11, after revealing that her attempts at redemption were all an act, Falla tells Tsukune that when she's finished killing them, she'll visit Tsukune's mom and cousin and rosario vampire in paradise fuck them just "what kind of friend" she really is.

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