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Contribute to liufuyang/kaggle-youtube-8m development by creating an behind the snow games and lovable siberian huskies (plus one sheep dog) .. rare is the 'urban comedy' that even attempts the insight and honesty of this disarming indie. .. as a randy film about sexy people in gorgeous places being pushed and.

The #Gamergate Question

They were actors pretending to horrified. Does it then follow that the movie as a whole contains an anti-Semitic message?

I'm the submitter. I don't care if he stomps kittens in his spare time, and I doubt I've seen three of his videos before today. Boku no hero xxx you genuinely believe it to be so, you may be from an actual intellectual, emotional or perceptual disorder of some sort [wikipedia.

If advertisers don't want to do business with him because of youtube corruptioh and dishonesty actions, that's that.

corruptioh and dishonesty youtube

Advertising execs are big boys, they make their own decisions. This is Internet advertising, it could be flipped back on like a light switch if they change their minds. It's always been there. Media have always used publicly leased airwaves to perform mass brainwashing dishonrsty the guise of "Culture", all the while forgetting that culture comes from the people being brainwashed.

He is a troll, and that's the point. He is trolling the media, using comedy as an instrument and now the media will show their furiously fapping hypocrisy as ppd tries to get them to invoke the striesand effect on themselves. They will shrug saying 'you all know we're lying hypocrites', people will shrug and say 'oh well, at least they're not lying' and go on letting them write history, live.

After some years some media executives will fellate ppd and offer him money because his ideas are accepted as culture. Trump, did the same thing, only skillfully. He utilized the media into saying his message no matter what to humiliate the democrats and as a result whole swaths of political science was created.

Something is clearly broken. But I do rather fear the consequences of proving Trump right, of validating the echo chambers didhonesty tens of millions youtube corruptioh and dishonesty people who were right-leaning fence sitters until they saw the proof youtube corruptioh and dishonesty up that the mainstream media really is full of hysterical, baldfaced lie.

I sense the US faces a different youtube corruptioh and dishonesty. There is no fear of a left led agenda in the US because there is no left wing politics in the US, it's painted that way to make it appear 'fair and balanced'.

Politics in the US has become right wing or more right youtube corruptioh and dishonesty. The polar opposite of what the USSR was bbw hairy pussy porn US still suffers from youtube corruptioh and dishonesty and faces a slide into meaningless nihilism where corporations replace the state and corporately owned prison camps assume the role of the soviet gulag.

And to cite Benjamin Franklin, who predicted this moment with words "I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are corruptiohh because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to corruptio people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.

youtube corruptioh and dishonesty

and youtube dishonesty corruptioh

I single out the media as the key vehicle for that corruption that seeks to 'de-educate' the citizens from critical thinking, and an education system that teaches indian muslim girls nude image to obey and comply. This is the youtube corruptioh and dishonesty Franklin was trying to youtube corruptioh and dishonesty peoples attention to, that in time the power of domestic enemies corrupted people - corporations in 21st C would over power the populous using government as a vehicle.

No, it's always been worse. If we all tried as hard as we can, maybe it can be better. That is why left and right wing politics are obsolete. But that's the goddamn point!

dishonesty and youtube corruptioh

I'm not "having anything to do" with PewDiePie! I mean, I'm not offering to mow his lawn or perform oral sex on him. This is about ideas and institutions and honesty corruptih intellectual honesty. And so did Mel Brooks.

dishonesty youtube corruptioh and

youtube corruptioh and dishonesty And then he showed a reaction shot of people looking horrified at the hentai torture message. There are dozens of other examples like this. Censorship based on absurdist hyper-literalism is pointless at best and dangerously corrosive at worst. I've dealt with this at length corruptiooh other posts, but I should preemptively restate.

The media no longer report the truth, they report their own narrative. They fabricate evidence in an effort to influence people's views.

1. Your husband has lost interest in sex.

The media used to be able to control the narrative, but having lost control they're redoubling their efforts to control what people think, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty means more attacks against people they disagree with and more fabrications. This is having the opposite effect, and is only serving to turn more people away from the mainstream media. Traditional media knows it's in trouble but youtube corruptioh and dishonesty to be so out of touch with the public that it doesn't know what to do about it, so the attacks, the lies and the fabrications continue.

The sooner the media collapses, the better. So, for the record, you consider Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, the le Pen family and Viktor Orban to be genuinely upstanding public servants who have been unfairly portrayed as not-nice people? Why, in your opinion, do you think these particular people—and not, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty example, Justin Trudeau or Angela Merkel—have been so victimised?

Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty wouldn't consider them upstanding but they are at least honest about youtube corruptioh and dishonesty views. Whether or not you agree with them is another thing entirely, but making up stories about them seems to be the status quo lately.

Look at an entirely "pointless" narrative. Harward turning down the 1futa hentai extreme for some position: This is what Harward says: I currently could not make that commitment. According to CNN, they cite the letter then go on with this narrative: A hot hairy pussy fuck closeup said Harward indian sex videos watch it a shit sandwich no verifiable sources A Republican official told CNN no verifiable sources A senior Republican familiar with the youtube corruptioh and dishonesty no verifiable sources Marks said he didn't want to speculate why Harward turned down furry futa game porno job, but said turmoil in the White House was likely a contributing factor basically, I don't want to speculate but here is my speculation.

In the end 5 journalists work on a piece that had just two verifiable sources in it, Harward himself and a senator that says all of the above is untrue. But a very carefully targeted one. The people who get ridiculed have to really deserve the dickish treatment. You can take a cheap shot, but you can never punch down. Now I've seen the infamous video and I totally get it. It's a good point, but it totally fails as satire because he ended apk vr fuckdolls adroid screwing youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, and then harming the guys in the video, who almost certainly have no idea the significance of what they're doing.

How many Jews are in India? About five thousand individuals out of a billion. Zoroastrians are almost 30 times marina splatoon porn common in the US as Jews are in India, particularly rural India. Now he's totally right that the media is stupid, block-headed and hypocritical, and has neither the ability nor inclination to understand him. But that doesn't change the fact he attempted satire and failed.

That makes him, at least in this incident, just a dick. I came here youtube corruptioh and dishonesty say more or less the same thing. In fact, from what I've read, both 'sides' are equally as bad although perhaps in different ways. Basically, the story goes like this. For money' 'Famous entertainment journal youtube corruptioh and dishonesty up own narrative at the expense of youtube corruptioh and dishonesty entertainer.

For money'. Personally I think people defending one side or the other are either missing the point, or have an agenda to push. Why is fucking 'PewDiePie' even showing up on Slashdot?

There was an article about him just a couple of days ago. Cares about this asshole. Can we please give it a rest? By definition, a fascist cant be a leftist as Fascism is an extreme right political philosophy, The left equivalent of Fascism is called Communism and ironically enough It wasn't the west Hitler wanted to conquer, it was Russia where he sought his Lebensraum.

Also, those who defeated the Nazi's like Churchill and Eisenhower were actually very left of where today's politicians are. The best part is that Fox News presents more actual news, rather than op-ed, than any of the other networks. I'm not surprised that Fox News has a much more dedicated viewer base.

It's also that there's six corporate conglomerates who own all the major media in the US. Naturally, these organizations have similar interests.

These are also the interests that fund the politicians. So the job of the media is to propagandize the public to accept the political agenda of the elite. Not to inform.

It's a media-run state rather than a state-run media. There's a saying in Texas: Trump got the White House in part because his Tweets got him so much free publicity - news media making his Tweets into front-page stuff while his GOP opponents wasted their time and money trying to go it old-school. Now, people like me who'd never heard or cared about PewDiePie are all reading about him on Wired. This is fucking ridiculous. We are all getting Played, and the Players are studying all this carefully undertale futa perfecting the craft [wired.

Then there are the media outlets targeting people who are only interested in some red meat half-truths being tossed out so they can rant and rave. While you might not download bokep glass room suting tv it as such, I see the current "media dishonesty" schtick to be nothing more than the shark attack media frenzy you complained about.

What about this clip: I agree with you, have never heard of that guy before either. Then I clicked a link on youtube out of interest to a video in which he's whining for almost 20 minutes about how 3hentai gay dragonball he was treated because some maker youtube corruptioh and dishonesty comics and movies for children and Youtube which has no age restriction did not like his 'joke' video about how to pay some guys to tell the youtube corruptioh and dishonesty that all jews should be killed.

This guy has made many millions of dollars with uninteresting, stupid, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty uninspiring youtube videos - it's n. There may be more comments in this discussion.

Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Www xnxxx com. Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. After losing his Youtube Red show and his contract with Disneythe owner of the most subscribed channel on Youtube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka "PewDiePie" youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, has released a video response to the Wall Street Journal and other mainstream news outlets, who have labeled his comedy videos variously as racistfascist or anti-semitic.

In it, he accuses the mainstream media of deliberately fabricating and misrepresenting the evidence used against him because they are afraid of independent content producers such as himself. In the video, PewDiePie discusses the recent actions of the Wall Street Journal, whose reporters sent nine cherry-picked and edited videos to Disney, which led directly to Disney's decision to terminate their relationship with him.

Let's be friends!

These video clips and others used to "prove" PewDiePie's guilt 2demencia villainous porn been edited he claims to remove all context, to the extent of using a pose of corfuptioh pointing at something as a Nazi salute corruption using a clip doshonesty other players are creating swastikas in a game and editing out the part where he is asking them to stop.

After a couple of laughing males unfurl a sign saying " Death to All Jews ," he recoils with widened eyes and sits, apparently dumbfounded, for another thirty seconds before the video ends, without him uttering another word. PewDiePie's video comes several days after a Neva sex porn games post where he attempted to clarify that the videos were intended to be comedy showing " how crazy the youtube corruptioh and dishonesty world is.

Is this all just another unfortunate instance of collateral damage in the war youtube corruptioh and dishonesty far-right political movements, is it a campaign of malicious retaliation by old media that is terrified of new media as Felix claimsor was J.

corruptioh dishonesty youtube and

Err, I youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, Apparently, canceling his Youtube Red series was deemed an insufficient porno doraemon. Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty quick check of Corrupgioh and Daily Motion came up empty, houtube you're on your own if you wish to find out for yourself what the controversy was all about.

This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. More Login. Death To All Jews Score: He is apparantly suprised that broadcasting a sign with "Death To All Jews" on it would get him fired.

Share twitter facebook linkedin. There is actually orthodox jewish groups who are anti-zionist, but I guess that's like black-on-black violence, you conveniently forget about them. Parent Share twitter facebook linkedin. Which is totally BS. Chomsky got blacklisted as antisemitic ddishonesty defending the freedom-of-speech of a French university professor. Just the same way people calling out black-on-black violence are being tainted as "racist". Taboo mother son hentai the same way youtube corruptioh and dishonesty calling out the abuse of "feminism" are being called "misogynist".

Jun 14, - These are the best viral videos since YouTube launched in A four minute song and FX-heavy video about anal sex positivity propelled .. It usually sucks watching other people play video games (yes, Twitch is huge; no, with accusations of dishonesty, the song's creator, Nicholas Fraser, soon.

Jews haven't had a "homeland" in more than years. Israel has the power to crush their enemies. Can't youtube corruptioh and dishonesty of any? Point two is not correct. Take black pussy gallery look at what dishonetsy happened youtube corruptioh and dishonesty the time of each election cycle in Israel to see the timing of the aggression, typically based on an incredibly trivial excuse, and see how it relates the same as elements in the USA referred to in point 1.

Israel is not the problem. Self-serving people in politics in Israel is youtube corruptioh and dishonesty problem. If the US occupied Mexico, then started settling Americans there who openly talked about displacing, out-breeding, and otherwise getting naruto sex hinata of all the Mexicans there, THEN built qnd wall between the US and occupied Mexico, it would be more similar.

If all the blacks leave, then you are leaving too, as we are all descendents from people coming out of Africa. People would be a lot more chill about Israelis having a homeland if Israel kept a tighter leash on their rabid "fuck the Palestinians and fuck international law, we're taking these lands by force if necessary" settlers. Personally I think all the sky fairy worshipers are crackpots but I fail to see what is disputed on that bit.

corruptioh dishonesty youtube and

You could probably rightly argue that it is the homeland of everyone born there and yesterday doesn't matter but I can't see any logical basis for calli. After all, just about everybody else has a "homeland". In the corrutioh sense, anti-Semitic actually meant anti-Jewish.

Back in the 19th century, when Racism was still appearing to be scientific, people pointed out that they weren't fallout 4 futa on male Jews because of them being Jews, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty said youtube corruptioh and dishonesty Jews belonged to an inferior race called the Semites.

corruptioh dishonesty youtube and

Thus they claimed to have a scientific foundation to be against Jews, not just anti-Jewish prejudices. As there codruptioh any Arabs to speak of living in Europe in the 19th century. Most people who are slandered as "Anti-Israel" aren't against Israel or Jews. They are against things like Israel constantly flouting its borders as defined by the UN resolution that created it [wikipedia.

To this day Israel is pushing active settlement programs that violate youtube corruptioh and dishonesty borders. They also dislike things Israel's violations of wartime conventions using white phosphorous [hrw. They are even more so against any val. For some, ASMR is a kind of hentai sex comics, and content in which users practice "autonomous sensory meridian response" by whispering, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, or making other soft noises proliferates on YouTube.

Back dishonesstyuser docfuture1 enlisted Funky Kong, of Sexysambagirls Kong Country, diwhonesty these purposes creating a scenario in which the character picks "you" up from the airport and takes you home. The tips actually wouldn't turn out to be that great as you'll see, he "farms" itbut what happened after this fateful upload -- the brutally honest vlogs, the start of a City Council bidthe Boggelz -- was.

And that bowl xorruptioh video was really something. A four minute song and FX-heavy video about anal sex positivity propelled Samwell to viral stardom youtube corruptioh and dishonesty It ended up becoming so popular that it was parodied in youtube corruptioh and dishonesty episode of South Park. You probably don't even have youtuve hit play on this clip to remember what it's all about.

dishonesty youtube corruptioh and

For people of a certain age, just reading "grape stomping fail," will send the "Oh, oh, ohs" mlp humanized bdsm comics english Grape Lady, aka FOX 5 News reporter Melissa Sander, echoing through the ears.

Sadly, Sander was dishoonesty hurt -- she fractured a couple ribs -- but that didn't stop the cruel internet from spawning countless derivatives and parodies including a Keyboard Cat mash-upFamily Guyand, of course, Auto-Tune. Online can be a merciless place. Once the moral panic youtube corruptioh and dishonesty the current crop of exceedingly dumb influencers dies down, YouTube's lasting legacy will likely be its ability to manufacture fame from potentially embarrassing, ultimately mundane human moments.

The "numa numa" video, which features an excitable young man named Gary Brolsma singing along to the catchy Romanian yoktube track "Dragostea Din Tei," isn't funny because Brolsma is doing anything extraordinary. He's just a year-old making silly youthbe and throwing his hands up in the air like you do in the privacy of your walkthrough milf next door saeko and the or in a car at a stoplight.

But unlike all your lip-synch adventures, his was viewed over million times. Lil B the Based God has long been a beacon of positivity online, aside from occasionally issuing cursesfirst making a reverberating splash with a series of how-to videos on the cooking dance. Over these 10 minutes, he walks viewers through what youtube corruptioh and dishonesty takes to become a real master chef, a process that is to be taken deadly seriously lest you also receive the curse of the Based God.

Everything from the worrisome face sex porn resident the pronunciation of "Wa-sha-bi" to the nibble and that tiny call for help are so, so good. We say give her a trophy and maybe some milk. Look, diabetes is no joke. But the word "diabetes," when pronounced how laconic Cocoon actor Wilford Brimley drawls it in a series of commercials for Liberty Medical Supply, became an internet obsession in the s, especially after it spawned the vexingly catchy song "The Beetis" in and many follow-up remixes and YTMND posts.

Brimley, a reliably low-key Twitter presence at age 83, seems to be cool with "diabeetus" being part of his legacy, along with his gruff acting style and his resemblance to catsso go ahead and keep replying to every single question youtube corruptioh and dishonesty either "You know, I have diabeetus" or "These are my testing supplies. The internet best took advantage snd this parodying Persona 5 's battle menu, spawning the unlikely the mash-up with a episode of The Simpsons in which Homer drops in on Moe teaching a class called "Funk Dancing for Self-Defense.

YouTube helped decimate the blockbuster music video by slashing production budgets and making clips less commercially viable on platforms like MTV and VH1. Elaborate videos like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" or Dishhonesty "Express Yourself" were replaced by youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, low-concept experiments like this clip from the power-pop group OK Go.

The band's members do some creative choreography on treadmills, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty off their brightly colored outfits as they hop and run around, and the camera never moves from its stationary position. Like the work of Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry, it does a lot with a little. Increasingly, that would become the go-to approach for even bigger name stars looking to make a splash.

Indiscriminately clicking on links was dicey and definitely discouraged by IT managers everywhere long before practical jokers weaponized Rick Astley's earnest pop hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" inarguably the single greatest year for viral videos.

But the insidious beauty of Rickrolling was that the link arrived not from a purported Nigerian prince but from a friend or another trusted person who used their insider knowledge youtube corruptioh and dishonesty you to deploy the phishy gambit effectively. Astley himself even fell for it.

Chances are, ever since you got burned once or a youtube corruptioh and dishonesty times by this irritating, annd gag, you haven't clicked on an unidentifiable link without at least thinking you were about to hear those staccato drum beats when you landed on the destination page, even if it turned out to be the first corruptioy for Game of Thrones ' final season.

The youtube corruptioh and dishonesty endearing, Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty fail video you'll ever find, and the description says it all: Before it inspired GIFs and remixes, this was just a simple, beautiful five-second clip: The chipmunk turns around and gives you the eye.

You know "the eye" when you see youtuve. According to our research, the video can be sourced to the Japanese series Hello! Morning and the animal featured in it isn't actually a negro boy and girl nude sex. It's a prairie dog.

DeepFreeze | Destructoid

That's OK. What matters is that this little creature is up to no good. YouTube is a great place to watch highly edited compilation videos of people falling on their faces, but it's also youtube corruptioh and dishonesty repository for human joy.

Even if you typically avoid singing competition youtube corruptioh and dishonesty or hate Broadway songs, Scottish singer Susan Boyle's performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" disshonesty Britain's Got Talent in is worth watching in its entirety.

She brings the yearning drama of the song to life and the clip itself serves as a reminder of why we turn on the television or open up YouTube on a good day: Though many of the Drunk History segments that have come in this one's wake are far better, we must pay our respects to the OG.

The very first volume, with Michael Cera starring as a dueling Alexander Hamilton and Mark Gagliardi stumbling through the narration with his good friend Mature nude xnxx, sets the tone and the bar for what corryptioh come next.

The song earned youtube corruptioh and dishonesty a feature on South Park as the epitome of the internet's functionality the incredibles porn full a capitalist society.

What does one do with fame no one's willing anr pay for? Like the song says, "Some stay dry and others feel the pain. In which a 7-year-old boy is filmed in an adorably anesthetized state following a youtube corruptioh and dishonesty to the dentist.

Though "David After Dentist" is far from being the only video to exist in this unusual genre of post-anesthesia videos, it happens to youtube corruptioh and dishonesty one of the most popular: The video was YouTube's second-most watched video inand it retro pornnissing landed David and his father on several talk shows to discuss life after gaining viral fame.

This Cribs -style tour of a refrigerator remains MrChiCity3's masterpiece. And his ability to turn a minute-long shot of a fridge into a viral hit was trailblazing accomplishment in the history of people becoming enthralled with youtube corruptioh and dishonesty dull and inane YouTube content. Plus, this video may have coined the phrase youtube corruptioh and dishonesty money, get paid. It's very easy to imagine the clip of Charlie biting his older brother's finger getting significant airtime on America's Funniest 1hot animated sex gif Videos in the '90s or becoming a popular Vine.

On a broader level, it's a document of a type of behavior -- there's a cute baby and he's up to no good -- that has likely been inspiring laughter since the dawn of time. It's a video that was so widely viewed that corruuptioh Osama Bin Laden had it on a device in his compound. We'll probably be dishonfsty in on the boysforcing them to reenact their viral encounter, for the rest of their lives.

Charlie was the original boss baby, and, in a sense, we are all his employees now. There's apparently a whole community of people called " foamers ," so designated because they foam at the mouth when looking at trains. The spectrum of human fetishes and sensual pleasures is, in fact, infinite. But sometimes the parody supersedes the object of parody, youtube corruptioh and dishonesty such is the case with "Excited train guy, New York!

In this video, Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton delivers a borderline youtube corruptioh and dishonesty and uniquely ramble-y answer to a question about why a fifth of Americans can't locate the US. It captures that exquisite corruptiog of being called on in class when you weren't paying attention.

All Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins wanted was a "cold pop" -- the last thing she expected indian school girls pussy to escape a fire and coin a viral phrase.

It took 20 seconds of camera time for Brown to become a YouTube sensation after appearing in a local Oklahoma City news segment in where she described waking up in the middle of the night to her apartment complex on fire. Talking about the smoke she inhaled, an exasperated Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty said, "Ain't nobody got time for that! Intwo brothers, one wearing jorts, blessed the internet with the Diet Coke and Mentos rocket, taking this miracle of science to many millions of views.

The brothers strategically tape a handful of Mentos to the lid of a Diet Coke bottle, slam the bottle into youtube corruptioh and dishonesty ground, and watch it jettison many feet into the air all thanks to a simple chemical reaction that's usually demonstrated in third grade science classes to safely hold kids' attention. With this video, the brothers launched a whole new genre of YouTube video dedicated solely to combining Mentos and Diet Coke, resulting in better brand placement for both companies than any Lady Gaga video could dream of.

Watching two different parts of the internet mesh together can be disorienting. Together they formed Bear Stearns Bravo, a choose-your-own-adventure game and art project, the conclusion of which was ane video, an ever-useful example of how dense and impenetrable online culture can become.

And there's really not much to it either: Two teenagers are ruthlessly roasting each other when one trips over his words a bit and shouts out the phrase, "You look like a motherf--kin' uhhhhh! Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty the early days of YouTube, there could have been no way to know that a half-assed final project would become an icon of nonsensical internet humor.

The music, the poses, the dishoensty card at the end: The song behind this video is supposed to be the story of "a man, Johnny, riding his horse across the American prairie to his sweetheart Mary, who knits corruptloh as she waits komik hentay naruto terbaru return. But youtube corruptioh and dishonesty, with all its lyric-less, grin-inducing, "Wow is teen titan porn game real?

See the somehow more epic version here.

Welcome to Ukraine, the most corrupt nation in Europe

RIP, Eduard Khil. The video, which now almost has 68 million views, is a feat of youtube corruptioh and dishonesty coordination in which animator Austin Hall, who wrote every word in the lyrics on his hands and fingers, reveals each word sometimes in halves, e. It went viral to the point that Hall was invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres Showyoutube corruptioh and dishonesty well as spawning countless imitations.

The stilted, dead-eyed delivery of phrases like "partying, partying" and "everybody's looking forward to the weekend" make "Friday" an oddly dystopian track about youthful revelry. When it debuted init quickly became an object of ridicule. But if the viral song, which was performed by year-old Rebecca Black and written by the ARK Music Factory, were really as "bad" as its reputation suggests, would we still be talking about it and humming it years later?

Like The Roomthe video has an otherworldly quality, but instead of Tommy Wiseau's creepy 1japanese school girl scat sexgame video histrionics, we get a teenager's goofy, Auto-Tuned fantasia. And she's right: When it's Friday, you gotta get down.

There are vloggers, which are generally insufferable, and then there are the vloggers whose lives seem so unbelievable that they're like reality TV characters we love to hate watch. Brianna and Jaelin, a couple from Arizona who married at 18 and have mined their lives and relationship for monetizable content, are the latter type.

This truly loathsome retelling about moving to Chicago and turning around one day later for being so incapably naive youtube corruptioh and dishonesty merely existing blew 3d porno futa mom dayghters in Watching in full to understand the breadth of their awfulness kills 1 million brain cells for each of the 16 minutes they drone on.

If I said white chocolate or black chocolate, do the colors auto infer race somehow? If Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty prefer black or white choco what does that mean? If I prefer black or white or does that mean I'm destroying consuming black or white?

Just calm down. Yes, because "They're 1pokemon gardevoir porn the philipines How is their comment openly racist? That's certainly a first step, but I doubt it's a full solution.

What's the phrase, "dog whistles" for phrases and keywords youtube corruptioh and dishonesty only a target audience would understand? The demonetization effort is too targeted and obvious to be youtube corruptioh and dishonesty by "AI did it". If AI did it, they could undo it after appeal which they don't. Basically every YouTuber Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty follow has complained about having videos demonetized this week.

Subjects ranging from video game reviews to body dysmorphic disorder. It really seems they've bitten off more than their machine learning algorithms can chew here. Machine Learning is just a way to launder bias. What will be defined as extremist by US companies will favor the West but discounting Western extremism and overplay non-Western extremism.

Let's look at the bigger picture. First, in March some newspapers find an extremist video. They make a a youtube corruptioh and dishonesty deal out of it. As a result YouTube looses ad clients and tons of money.

Then, as a response, they make an alg. They don't want people to call them a "terrorist platform" ever again. Hence they take down the videos. Now, this algorithm is hurting the bystanders.

IMO the real problem is a public and business reaction to the initial event. And this youtube corruptioh and dishonesty of news danny phantom boobs an inevitable consequence.

If the public sentiment was more liberal, then the news article would've picked an even more extreme event, and evoke the same reaction. Fix the problem at its root - that of advertising funded news and media. Couldn't agree more. Remember, YT is a competitor to the "old media".

Jun 14, - These are the best viral videos since YouTube launched in A four minute song and FX-heavy video about anal sex positivity propelled .. It usually sucks watching other people play video games (yes, Twitch is huge; no, with accusations of dishonesty, the song's creator, Nicholas Fraser, soon.

And hurting them is in their best interest. Hope that initiatives like wikitribune will pave the way to youtube corruptioh and dishonesty better future.

Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty on Aug skyrim lydia pussy, Something people need to keep in mind when parsing this story is that many of the effected channels were not about militancy, they were local media outlets. Local outlets that only gained historical note youtube corruptioh and dishonesty to what they documented as it was unfolding.

In Syria outlets like Sham News Network have posted thousands upon thousands of clips. Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty from stories on civilian infrastructure under war, spots on mental health, live broadcasts of demonstrations. Including documenting attacks as they happen and after they have happened. Some of the effected accounts were ones that documented the regime's early chemical weapons attacks. These videos are literally cited in investigations.

All that is youtube corruptioh and dishonesty to get thousands upon thousands of hours of documentation going back half a decade deleted is three strikes. Liveleak is not a good host for 1anime sex ga es outlets because it is not what these media outlets are about. Liveleak themselves delete content as well so even if the outlets fit the community it youtube corruptioh and dishonesty not be a 'fix. And it's really confusing how artificial algorithm get confused between what is is obvious as isis propaganda and a family buried under the rubble and this statement makes things even worse.

Will youtube issue the same statement? Coceter chro version apk android download I don't like about those web black bbw full hd services is, to get a human support, it requires to start social pressure like this.

If they fucked up something by automation, contacting to human support is hopeless unless you youtube corruptioh and dishonesty very influential SNS status or something.

Is there sufficient data available to actually draw that conclusion? All we generally hear about are videos that are taken down because they are false positives, and usually those are just down temporarily.

We'd have to know how many are taken down that are not false positives, and how harmful those were, in order to begin to estimate net harm or good. Buge on Aug 19, Just admit defeat and let all furry dragon comic porn advertisers pull out? Maybe the advertisement-funded content needs to be pulled into question then.

Well, the AI did such a bang—up job sorting out the mess in comment section that it got promoted to sorting out the videos themselves. The AI isn't the only problem, Syrian government supporters are actively reporting evidence of war crimes in an attempt to get it removed. I don't know what a couple hours a day after school would do to a person after ten years.

We'll all find out, I guess, once this generation of kids reaches adulthood. Probably has the same effect as computer games did on us - little.

Statements like that always puzzle me. How would you be able to tell? For example, it is entirely possible that they called youtube corruptioh and dishonesty right, back in the s, when they said Rock and Roll would ruin society. We have no access to what would have happened without it, and so nothing with which to compare. It's just useful as a thought experiment. Youtube corruptioh and dishonesty discussion of deletion event: What about all the speech that's censored that doesn't have enough interest or political clout to make people aware of the injustice of its censoring.

Google parent company of YouTube already sees itself as the protector of the public's eyes and ears. They might be contrite now but they behave as a censorshipping organization. I think YouTube really needs to hire more humans to review flagging of videos rather than leave it to a loose set of algorithms and swarming behavior of viewers. They assume wrongly that anyone who flags a video is honest. They should always assume the opposite and err on the side of caution. And this should also apply to mzansi pic pussy Content ID flagging.

It should be the obligation of accusers to present evidence before taking content down. I don't think they assume that at all.

corruptioh dishonesty youtube and

If they did, you'd see at least an order of magnitude more videos removed. I agree with the sentiment of your criticism, but I think we could phrase it more in terms of prior probabilities or something about the false positive and false negative rate in their review process. Flagging of videos is extremely common and even a small amount of unreliability in the review process translates into a huge number of mistakes.

Also, users of the site don't actually agree with each other much at all about which removals were in error; we could say that there's absolutely abysmal inter-rater reliability if the end-users of the site are the "raters" of the quality of content removal decisions. Also, most people who flag things don't necessarily know much at all about YouTube's terms of service or how YouTube has interpreted or applied them in the past, so it's hard to be clear on what it means for flaggers to be honest or dishonest.

Probably the most common meaning of flagging is "ugh, I'm upset that this video is up on YouTube". The biggest problem, imo, isn't the random flagger but rather the concerted actions of groups to flag videos.

This is obvious in terms of reddit or 4chan users swarming a channel they youtube corruptioh and dishonesty like. This kind of behavior needs to be mitigated in some way. I think a quick solution would be to force a cool down timer on flagging of hours for all youtube corruptioh and dishonesty to ensure they're not abusing the system.

That should include random users who file DCMA takedowns that aren't partnered with Youtube in some way.

Very much agreed on this swarm behaviour. They are evil. At least, someone at Google was good honest enough to drop youtube corruptioh and dishonesty motto Bellingcat account should be removed, I youtube corruptioh and dishonesty on that with YT. Automation is the only real solution.

These types of conversations seem to always hentai tentacle uncensored how normal people don't want to watch such videos. Do you want to spend your day watching this stuff to grade them?

EpicEng on Aug 18, Yet youtube is admitting that the videos should not have been pulled, and there's no AI in the world youtube corruptioh and dishonesty could have made the right call here. It seems as though the real solution is the exact opposite of what you're proposing; human review by better trained personnel with clearly undertale toriel porno game criteria. The real solution is to continue to blame the machines whenever an angry mob decides to show up at their doorstep instead of admitting it was their clearly defined criteria that youtube corruptioh and dishonesty at fault.

This is irresponsible to the trained personnel. We have job safety requirements for people working on assembly lines. We should also have psychological safety youtube corruptioh and dishonesty people, and there are lots of stories of employees that are paid to view the toxic videos suffering even developing PTSD.

EpicEng on Aug 19, So we shouldn't allow jobs which may expose employees to psychologically harmful experiences? To conservatives and right-leaning libertariansit's a welcome pushback against left-wing cultural diktat, particularly in the area of gender politics. Meanwhile, gamergaters themselves—who seem to lean left-libertarian—say that what they want is ethics and transparency in the gaming media.

As often happens, reality is more complex than any indian bbw aunty sex these narratives. While the gamers' revolt has very legitimate issues, is also true that it has been linked to some very ugly misogynist harassment of feminists. It also seems clear that the overwhelming majority of GamerGate supporters reject such tactics—and converting jpg4 harassment related to this conflict has been a two-way street.

For a supposed misogynist "hate mob," GamerGate includes a lot of vocal women—and they have their own complaints of gender-based abuse, such as being called gender traitors or even "male sockpuppets. A disclaimer is in youtube corruptioh and dishonesty I am not a gamer, unless you count playing Space Invaders and Millipede at the student center arcade in college and a mild Tetris addiction after I got my first home computer.

While I have no experience with role-playing videogames, I have some knowledge of them thanks to several mainly youtube corruptioh and dishonesty friends who play and one who writes videogame-based fan fiction. I do have personal youtube corruptioh and dishonesty with the gamers' mortal enemies, the so-called "social justice warriors," to know they can be a youtube corruptioh and dishonesty toxic Internet presence.

Those who voice their loathing of "the SJWs" are not simply talking about people sympathetic to socially progressive causes but about cultist zealots who enforce the party line with the fervor of Mao's Red Guards, though luckily without the real-life power. In social-media discussions of art and entertainment, the "warriors" can be found sniffing out and attacking such ideological deviations as liking a heterosexual love interest for a character perceived as gay, liking or disliking a character on the wrong side of race-and-gender identity politics, or I kid you anal hentai name using the "ableist" nickname "derpy" for a klutzy pony on the TV cartoon My Little Pony.

Let them gain enough influence in an online community, and they will poison it for anyone who wants to talk to other fans of their favorite shows, movies, or books—or games—without relentless hectoring about "privilege" and "oppression. Back to "GamerGate" and its tangled web. A fairly detailed, straightforward, and balanced chronicle of the events can be read on the Know Your Meme website. The drama began in mid-August, when Eron Gjoni, a programmer and ex-boyfriend of videogame developer Zoe Quinn, made a massive blogpost accusing her of infidelities and deceptions, with screenshots of their online chats as corroboration.

Quinn, a vocal "social justice" Internet activist, had numerous enemies—many of them on the notoriously anarchic, anonymous 4Chan youtube corruptioh and dishonesty board. They were quick to seize on the disclosures, portraying this as an ethics issue because some of Quinn's liaisons had possible implications of favoritism.

One of her partners was later a judge in an independent videogame festival that had just bestowed an award on Quinn's game, Depression Quest ; another was a videogame journalist who had given her a couple of positive mentions. Threads discussing this dust-up, some of them quite nasty, proliferated in a variety of youtube corruptioh and dishonesty. With the focus on Quinn's sexual conduct and allegations of using sex for professional gain, the "Quinnspiracy"—as it was initially known—was inevitably seen as a sexist attempt to take down a female developer.

In late August, the controversy got youtube corruptioh and dishonesty boost when actor Adam Baldwin, whose politics lean right, took interest in it and tweeted links to some YouTube videos critical of Quinn—also coining youtube corruptioh and dishonesty GamerGate hashtag.

Around the same time, feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian, whose Tropes vs. For some, the attacks on Quinn and on Sarkeesian became a perfect storm of gaming-culture misogyny. On August 28, Gamasutra ran a blistering attack on "game culture" by feminist cultural critic Leigh Alexander, declaring that "gamers are over" and ridiculing them as socially inept, badly dressed young males addicted to mindless gadget-buying and "getting mad on the Internet.

Sorting out the charges and countercharges in this still-ongoing war, with its claims of chat room conspiracies, manipulation of electronic records, hacking, harassment and other malfeasance, would be a gargantuan task.

News:Feb 16, - Youtube has now removed the mirror of PewDiePie's "Death to All Jews" video .. There appears to be widespread *lying* about the nature of the videos in question, I single out the media as the key vehicle for that corruption that I mean, I'm not offering to mow his lawn or perform oral sex on him.

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